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Biltmore Investment Management

Biltmore Investment Management was created to offer an alternative to large impersonal Institutions. It is an independent locally focused investment advisory firm with the capabilities of larger firms, and not the impersonal self-serving nature of the larger firms.  It is a fee only firm, meaning that its revenues are not tied to sales commissions, but rather a fee, which is based on the market...
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The Biltmore Difference

Biltmore Investment Management is an independent investment advisory firm.  It is a fee based firm, there are no  sales commissions, but rather a fee that is based on the market value of the account.  In this way our reward is tied to the success of the account over the long-term. We are regulated on the Federal level by the SEC, and the State level by the Wisconsin Department of Financial...
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Biltmore Investment Approach

In line with the emphasis on personal service, portfolios are designed with the individual’s needs and objectives in mind.  There are no pre-packaged products or proprietary mutual funds.  Using the criteria outlined below, each individual portfolio is created to meet the specific needs of the client.   In some cases this will mean using individual stocks and bonds, in other cases the client may...
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