Biltmore Investment Management

Biltmore Investment Management was created to offer an alternative to large impersonal Institutions. It is an independent locally focused investment advisory firm with the capabilities of larger firms, and not the impersonal self-serving nature of the larger firms. It is a fee only firm, meaning that its revenues are not tied to sales commissions, but rather a fee, which is based on the market value of the account.  In this way, our reward is tied to the success of the account over the long term.

The Biltmore Difference

Biltmore Investment Management is an independent investment advisory firm.  It is a fee based firm, there are no  sales commissions, but rather a fee that is based on the market value of the account.  In this way our reward is tied to the success of the account over the long-term.

We are regulated on the Federal level by the SEC, and the State level by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.  These regulators hold Biltmore to a much higher Fiduciary Standard in their practice than many of their competitors.

Safekeeping of Client Assets

There are two critical components of any investment management relationship.  The first as discussed earlier, involves the ongoing strategies implemented in the active management of your portfolio. The second component involves the custody and safekeeping of your portfolio.

Putting your money to work for you

About Us

Our sound investment experience distinguishes us from the competition.   We have over 40 years of combined experience in investment management, tax/estate plainning and are dedicated to providing sound investment advice.  Providing sound investment at a fair price.


Wealth Preservation 

Financial Planning

Wealth preservation centers on taxation, investment risk, inflation adjusted returns etc.  In contrast, wealth transfer refers to the tax efficient transfer of assets to the next generation, charities, etc.  Biltmore Investment Management was created to serve the needs of these clients.



The Right Investments

We work for you the client.   We are not tied to pre-packaged products or proprietary mutual funds, so each individual portfolio is tailored specifically to the clients investment goals.  In some cases, individual stocks and bonds may be appropriate. Recommendations will be made.

Biltmore Investment Approach

In line with the emphasis on personal service, portfolios are designed with the individual’s needs and objectives in mind.  There are no pre-packaged products or proprietary mutual funds.  Using the criteria outlined below, each individual portfolio is created to meet the specific needs of the client.   In some cases this will mean using individual stocks and bonds, in other cases the client may be better served with mutual funds, or some combination of both types of investments.

Whatever investment vehicle is used, you can be assured that it will be discussed with you and recommendations will be made with your best interests in mind.


Fixed Income Investing

As far as fixed income or bond investment are concerned, fixed income securities are relied upon for two characteristics: steady income stream, and as a way to stabilize a portfolio.  Maturities are kept in the short to intermediate range and only high quality investment grade bonds are recommended.  This is true whether a client needs involve investments in municipal, corporate or U.S. Government instruments.

It is our belief that there is not a significant reward to warrant the risk of investing in low quality or longer-term bonds.  In order to control the quality and term of the bonds, we do not invest in Bond Mutual Funds, but rather select individual bonds for our portfolios.

The Stock Fund 

Stock Funds may also represent the 3 broad investment strategies of growth, value and blend.

Equity Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds offer diversification for portfolios and provide an opportunity to expose portfolios to a broad range of specialty investment styles.  Those styles may include:

  • Large Capitalization Stock Funds
  • Mid-Capitalization Stock Funds
  • Small-Capitalization Stock Funds
  • International Stock Funds

Your Best Interest

Biltmore has no proprietary funds.  All mutual funds used are no-load funds, so there are no hidden incentives to promote one fund over another.  In this way, the client can be assured that they are receiving unbiased advice based on their individual needs.

Equity Investing

This investment approach is designed to afford clients the opportunity to participate in a variety of market segments over a market cycle, because over time various segments are rewarded.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds make it easy to diversify. Most funds require only moderate minimum investments, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, enabling investors to construct a diversified portfolio much more cheaply than they could on their own.

Fixed Income Investing

It is our belief that there is not a significant reward to warrant the risk of investing in low quality or longer-term bonds.


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