Biltmore Investment Management was created to offer an alternative to large impersonal Institutions. It is an independent locally focused investment advisory firm with the capabilities of larger firms, and not the impersonal self-serving nature of the larger firms.  It is a fee only firm, meaning that its revenues are not tied to sales commissions, but rather a fee, which is based on the market value of the account.  In this way, our reward is tied to the success of the account over the long term.

Based on over 25 years of experience in investment management, tax and estate planning we believe that clients are looking for 6 key areas of service.

 1. Good Investment Results at a fair price.

2. Personalized Service, that is a person who knows their family or business situation.

3. Continuity of Service with the same professional and not having their relationship transferred from  one contact to another depending on the whim of a large corporation.

4. Integrity, so the client doesn’t have to be concerned if the advice given to them is self-serving in nature.

5. Range of Services in one place, from investment management to estate planning and tax consulting.

6. Accessibility to the decision makers to discuss personal strategies.

Considering the volatility of the markets in the last few years, it is our belief that local clients need more service, not less, and don’t want to worry about conflicts of interest with their investment advisor.  This is the Biltmore difference.