Safekeeping of Client Assets

There are two critical components of any investment management relationship.  The first as discussed earlier, involves the ongoing strategies implemented in the active management of your portfolio. The second component involves the custody and safekeeping of your portfolio.

Biltmore Investment Management does not hold custody of client’s portfolios.  For this service Biltmore has created an alliance with the premier custodian in the country, the Charles Schwab Corporation.  Schwab’s cutting edge technology, combined with the fact it is one of the largest custodians in the country, makes it an ideal fit for Biltmore.

In short, Schwab acts as Biltmore’s back office.  Clients of Biltmore have no direct contact with Schwab.  However, Schwab does perform some very important functions.

  • Safekeeping and Custody of Client Asset
  • Monthly Statement production of Account Activities and Assets
  • Income collection and daily sweeps of cash into Money Market Vehicles
  • Processing the receipts of Stock Splits and other Security Capital Changes
  • Trade execution of Security Transactions at Discounted Rates
  • Maintains tax records for Security Activities
  • Allows for unlimited check writing directly from the account
  • Access to the account through a Visa Debit Card if desired
  • On-Line access to view the account transactions and assets
  • Direct Deposit to accounts at financial institutions

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